Tape In Hair

Ultimate Guide for Tape in Hair Extensions

Written by Jodi Manders

You may not be having long voluptuous Hollywood hair, but that should not stop you from breaking a few necks with your look. Right? Yes! And that is why the gods of the beauty industry gave women tape in hair extensions.

You may have heard people call them Tape Ons, Tape-ins, Tape Extensions, Quick & Easy or Tape Hair – they all refer to the same thing. This new trend has taken over the hair beauty industry by storm.

Tape-ins are exquisite. Lush. Curly and glamorous. Once you try it, you cannot live without it.

  • 1. What’s Tape-in Hair Extensions?
  • 2. How to Apply Tape in Hair Extensions?
  • 3. Is There A Tape in Hair Extension Application Kit?
  • 4. How to Remove the Tape in Hair Extensions?
  • 5. Is It Advisable to Reinstall My Tape in Hair Extensions?
  • 6. Pros and Cons Of Tape in Hair Extensions
  • 7. Can I Wash My Hair with Tape-In Hair Extensions?
  • 8. How Well Do Tape in Hair Extensions Work?
  • 9. Is Tape in Hair Extensions Safe- Do They Ruin Your Hair?
  • 10. How Long Do Tape in Hair Extensions Stay on Your Hair?
  • 11. Can You Swim with Tape in Hair Extensions?
  • 12. Avoid! Mistakes People do with hair extensions

    1. What’s Tape-in Hair Extensions?

    Well, tape-ins are essentially strips of flawless hair attached to your natural hair with single-sided tape. They give your hair an extra volume and come in a range of chemical free color options and textures. If you are into mixing a series of colors on your hair, you can go for it girl. They are said to score higher for a seamless look. No lumps or bumps, are easy to apply and have a weightless feel.

    What is the end result, you ask? Picture having bulky cascading hair that doesn’t show track lines or indicates that something has been added on. Just like mascara extensions, no one who doesn’t know the real you can tell if you are not a Disney princess who had been trapped in a tower for years. The people who know you will see the difference and will fall in love with it.

    How to Apply Tape in Hair Extensions?

    Tape in Hair Extensions are great add-ons not only for those with low hair volume but also for those who’ve had their naturally good hair weakened by bleaching- leaving it short and with broken strands. The tape-in extensions are easy to apply. In just an hour, your hair could transform from limp and average to fluff, curly and glamorous.

    Can I DIY? Sorry Rapunzel but a DIY is not recommendable for tape in extensions. Having your friend do it for you is not recommended either. You would need a trusted expert who is trained and certified specifically in tape in hair extensions because they would know how to apply them depending on your hair type.

    And, let’s face it, leaning into the mirror and putting in the tape yourself would not be that effective. Or would it? The lengths would probably not match, and you may end up having the extensions slip off after a few weeks. Now that would be embarrassing.

    Before application, your hair specialist would recommend that you do all your hair treatment one week before application. NOT LATER! That is, if you want to dye your hair or condition it, you need to deal with all that a week before you think of getting the tape in hair extensions. On the actual application day, your hair needs to be free of any oils, chemicals or conditioners. Your hair specialist will clarify about three times and ensure that your hair undergoes no chemical treatment whatsoever.

    The application procedure goes two ways depending on what your hair stylist deems fit for you.

    1. Regular-Double sided tape in method:

    The hair stylist will partition a strip of your hair, peel off the cover on the strips of the extension strip to reveal the adhesive, and sandwich two sets of tape-in hair extensions between your own hair. Your hair will be trapped in between two tape wefts of hair extensions.

    This is mostly recommended for people with normal to rich bulky hair that can take the weight of two extensions. If it is done on thin flaky hair, the hair may end up mangled or even worse; you could have bald patches on your scalp. See why you need a certified professional now?

    2. Single sided tape in method

    The hair stylist will partition a strip of your hair, peel off the cover of only one extension strip to reveal the adhesive and sandwich your hair between one tape weft and one single-sided tape with no hair. This way, your hair will be held firmly by the tape with less weight imposed on your hair.

    This is mostly done on women with, damaged or fine hair. By damage, I mean flaky or tends to break easily. You can still get hair extensions with damaged hair and make yourself feel good as long as a professional knows how to take care of it.

    The single-sided method gives half the hair weight of the double-sided method. If you have an established relationship with your hair stylist, they will be able to tell what is good for you based on their experience with your hair. They know exactly how much weight your hair could take on without breaking and recommend a suitable method for you.

    Do not insist on getting the double-sided method if you are strongly advised against it. I know it feels good to walk around with bulky hair but broken hair is not a worthy price to pay for beauty.

    The application process is hassle-free. Most tape-in hair extensions feature a polyurethane (PUR) base with the integrated hair and a transparent and flexible polyester film on which the acrylic base is applied. During application, your hair stylist would remove the film from the tape, stick the film behind the hair and then use the double flap to seal the extension. Easy and fast!

    The whole process takes an hour and a half tops to cover the entire head. And there is no stress on your scalp as the tapes are flat, flexible and comfortable.

    Is There A Tape in Hair Extension Application Kit?

    Yes, there is a tape in hair extension kit that will help your stylist apply the hair the right way and is suitable for any hair application method. A hair professional will have a tape in extension kit, so do not go for someone who does not have the right tools. You may not like the results. The application process is a bit complex and needs the right tools to achieve the desired beauty results.

    The Tape in hair extensions application kit is not a DIY toolkit. There are plenty of things that an amateur hair stylist would not be conversant with. The toolkit retails at an average price of $130 depending on the company you are going for.

    A typical tape in hair extensions application kit comes with:

    A pack of practice tape in hair extensions;

    • Quick pick hair pater;
    • Tape in bond remover;
    • Replacement Tape;
    • Hair extension color ring;
    • Hair extensions prep shampoo;
    • A stainless-steel loop tool;
    • A set of pliers with a carrying case;
    • Hair extensions conditioner;
    • Copper cylinders;
    • A bristle brush;
    • Glide remover;
    • Express remover.

    All these tools are designed to come in handy even when you want to reuse your tape in hair extensions after wearing them a few times. You don’t have to buy new ones if you do not want to. That is the beauty of tape in hair extensions.

    How to Remove the Tape in Hair Extensions?

    The removal process is A, B, C easy, and way faster than the application. You cannot remove the adhesive by pulling at it as it is almost impossible to get them out. You may also end up tearing your hair. Your professional will use a tape-in bond remover which the tape responds easily to.

    Use an oil-based remover to dissolve the adhesive on the tape. Pull out the tape in hair extensions after the tape has effectively soaked in the remover. Alternatively, you could use a pin tail comb to gently comb out the tape in hair extensions after they soak in the remover.

    Finally, use a good shampoo to remove all the solutions from your hair. Ask a hair professional to remove the tape in hair extensions for you if the process seems complex.

    Avoid tape in hair extensions that need acetone or alcohol-based removers as they can be harsh on your scalp or cause dry hair if left in for too long.

    Remember that your hair is always growing and the tape in hair extensions may hang low in time. Remove your extensions after about eight weeks to ten weeks. You do not want people to know your well-kept secret after the tape starts showing as your hair grows out.

    Is It Advisable to Reinstall My Tape in Hair Extensions?

    Most people do it so why shouldn’t you? Tape in hair extensions are the greatest inventions in the hair industry so you can reinstall them when your friends scream for an encore after you remove it.

    The second time, however, you need to be more careful not to damage the extensions. Get a trained professional to reinstall the tape in hair extensions for you. Which brings us back to – let a professional take them off for you as they will know the proper care that they ought to take for minimum damage.

    After cleaning and flattening out the tape in hair extensions, the hair stylist will remove the adhesive on the extensions with tape remover. They will then apply a new tape strip on the weft and reapply it on your hair using the same initial application procedure.

    Pros and Cons Of Tape in Hair Extensions

    Tape in hair extensions have seen a soaring demand in recent days as time-poor women seek out cheaper and quicker extension solutions. Maybe you haven’t tried out the tape in hair extensions, but all your girlfriends are doing it. While the extensions continue to soar in demand, it is important to know the pros and the cons before you commit to getting your hair done. Remember its an investment, and as with all investments, due diligence is paramount. Now, let’s look at some of these pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

    i. Pros:

     • Less hair damage 

    If you have thin hair and are worried about hair extensions pulling out your hair, then the tape in hair extensions is right for you. The single-sided application method exerts minimum weight on your head meaning that you will achieve a flawless look with little to no damage to your hair.

     • So many hairstyles 

    Tape in hair extensions can be styled in a variety of ways. You can switch it up to a curly, wavy or straight look just to make your hair look more versatile. Get this; they can be held up in a ponytail or braided. Go with whatever is fashionable in your town. The juicy part is that you can do all that without the tape in hair extensions coming off.

     • Easy maintenance 

    Since tape in hair extensions are part of your hair, you would need to treat them like your natural hair. It is no big deal, just a regular comb through to prevent tangles and a regular wash to keep away the odors. You do not need to wash your hair regularly. Only twice a week to preserve the natural oils. Sleeping in a ponytail helps keep the extensions tangle free the next morning. The tape in hair extensions can maintain a hairstyle for long, so there is no need for frequent restyling.

     • Easy to uninstall 

    Once you have the tape remover, you can easily DIY the uninstallation by following a YouTube video or getting advice from your hair stylist. The tape remover is gentle on your hair and effectively weakens the adhesive bond of the tape.

     • It is a great look 

    Beauty is everything, and the tape in hair extensions make you look a few years younger and give your hair that glowing appeal that is to die for. You get to walk around with long bouncy hair, and the best part is that people barely know that it is not your real hair. The tape in hair extensions are also made with real hair, so you do not have to worry about overheating and risk smoke coming out of your hair when you are out in the sun.

     • Comfortable, smooth and blends in with your hair 

    Tape in hair extensions, when correctly applied by a professional tape-in installer, will blend in perfectly with your natural hair with no bumps. The extensions lay flat against your head since they come in unprecedentedly flat packages.

    You will not feel uncomfortable when wearing them to bed as in the case of clip-on extensions. The good news is that when you are on a road trip, you can comfortably lie your head on the head-rest without getting a cramp or feeling some discomfort. Now that is an unbeatable experience!

    ii. Cons

    You are also not supposed to subject your hair to any physical activity for 48 hours after application. The simple logical reason for this limit is that the glue has not bonded well by that time and you face a risk of the hair coming off. This means that no blow-dry, swimming, washing or aggressively combing and styling your hair for that period. Just leave it be and enjoy the beauty of your lovely hair later.

     • They are not cheap 

    Trap in hair extensions come with quite a huge price to them. But that should not be interpreted to mean that they are expensive enough to drain your account.

    However, when looking on the bright side, it is a good buy since they can be washed and reused after you uninstall them. You could get to wear them for about two to three more times without worrying about them going out of style.

     • Restrictions 

    Every good thing comes with some limits, and that is understandable. Good things should not come easy. Otherwise, you would start having doubts about their quality.

    You should not apply any conditioner, dye, oils or treatment on your hair 72 hours before application. All that needs to be done before. So if you are thinking of a die, you need to buy your tape in hair extensions a week before to know what color you are going with.

    Can I Wash My Hair with Tape-In Hair Extensions?

    Treat the tape in hair extensions like you would your natural hair. Wash it, blow-dry it and curl it up if you want. Do whatever floats your boat. When you apply it correctly, you are basically unstoppable with the tape in hair extensions.

    However, do not run wild and potentially damage your hair. Everything with moderation. If you would wish to wash your tape in hair extensions, it is recommended that you should do the following:

    • Go for a prime haircare line preferably one that offers a lot of nutrients and moisture in one product. Purchase brushes that are specially crafted for hair extensions to limit a lot of hair tearing.
    • Start by partitioning your hair into small portions that you can work with your fingers or a brush when your hair is still dry.
    • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water then apply dry shampoo which helps your hair maintain its appeal for a longer time. Massage the shampoo downwards into the length of your extensions.
    • Rinse thoroughly with warm water and gently squeeze the water out of your hair.\
    • Let your hair air dry for best results and then brush through it with a hair extension brush. Constant heat can damage the hair so avoid using the hair drier.
    • Do not apply conditioner or hair masque onto the tape bonds as it can weaken them and cause them to slip off.

    How Well Do Tape in Hair Extensions Work?

    Tape-ins work so well that they blend in with your natural hair whether it is wet or dry. In comparison to clip in hair extensions, they are way lighter and less bulky. The strong non-damaging tape lies flat on your head and remains intact for up to 12 weeks when applied correctly.

    Is Tape in Hair Extensions Safe- Do They Ruin Your Hair?

    Tape in hair extensions are safe and cause no damage. As long as you have a trained professional to do the application correctly, you have nothing to worry about. Depending on the thickness of your natural hair, your stylist will know which method and hair weight your natural hair can handle without breaking.

    Many people have reported that their natural hair has adopted a healthier look after using tape in hair extensions for about two years. The extensions pose no threat of bald patches or a number of breakages.

    How Long Do Tape in Hair Extensions Stay on Your Hair?

    Tape in hair extensions can last you up to 6 to 12 weeks with proper application. This is a good allowance for your hair to grow out and for you to reapply or replace the tape in hair extensions.

    You will drastically reduce the life of your tape in hair extensions if you use chemicals on your tape in hair extensions.

    You can, however, take some steps to ensure that your tape in hair extensions last longer. Do the following to improve the life of your extensions:

    • Before brushing your hair after washing it, apply a leave-in conditioner or a detangler to avoid breakage.
    • Avoid rubbing a towel back and forth on your hair after washing it as it could lead to more tangles.
    • Purchase sulfate free products for washing and conditioning your hair. Products containing sulfates dry the hair and weaken it.
    • Avoid tagging on the tape when combing your hair. This is why you should use an extension brush and focus your attention on the length of your hair.
    • If you are going for ponytails, braids or buns to hold your hair up when you are working or sleeping, ensure that it is tied loosely. A tight hairstyle will continuously pull at the tape bonds, and you can draft an early eulogy to your hair extensions.
    • Use a heat protectant when you want to straighten, curl or dry your hair extensions. Leave the heat protectant in for about two minutes before you use the heat tool.

    Can You Swim with Tape in Hair Extensions?

    Yes, it is 100% possible to wet your extensions without risk of damage as long as you purchase quality hair extensions. You can sweat your head out or go diving without posing any threat to your tape in hair extensions.

    Tape in hair extensions is your source of comfort in the hot summer when you need to cool off with your friends at the pool. The tape is resistant to water so your hair will not slip off. You do not have to worry about uneven color patches after your swim. The hair color or texture is not affected or changed by the chlorine in the pool water.

    Here are a few tips for the next time you go swimming with your tape in hair extensions:

    • Rinse your hair thoroughly after swimming and let it air dry;
    • Avoid brushing the hair when it is wet;
    • Use a hair mask after swimming to restore the glow and overall appearance of the extensions;
    • Apply leave-in conditioner in the ends to maintain the health and texture of your hair;
    • Always carry extra tape with you just in case. Be prepared.
    • Check for loose extensions and fix them up before you get into the water.
    • If your hair is past its 8th week, be extra cautious. It may slip off.

    Avoid! Mistakes People do with hair extensions

    Making the decision to have tape in hair extensions can be daunting – there is the money, the time and the maintenance. While hair extensions will guarantee a total transformation of your lifeless hair to new heights, they can also be a disaster if not well taken care of. But we all don’t want that. We have prepared a short list of things to avoid if you want to get the best out of your extensions and have a lasting best look possible.

    1. Choosing poor hair quality. Check the quality of your extensions. As with all other things, you get what you pay for. You can buy real or synthetic hair. However, real human hair will always be a bigger purchase.
    2. Sloppy application. Not every stylist has a handle on tape-ins install technique. Take your time and visit a professional hair stylist. To make them look glam and chic, you need to have your tape-ins put by a professional.
    3. Bad color Blending. Remember that your hair, whether primarily brown, black or blonde, will always have different shades of the same color. Follow the similar, but uniquely different colors rule and they will blend a lot easier.
    4. Too long. While the whole point of having tape in extension is, obviously, to make your hair longer, too long tape-ins might actually damage your hair. Have your stylist understand the length you’d love to have so that they can distribute small sections per area. This will ensure the least amount of natural hair damage possible. Bad Extension placement. Talk to you hair stylist about your styling needs. If you can see the tape-in weft, then it does not look good.
    5. Wearing the wrong texture. Picking an off-texture for your tape-ins makes it challenging for the extensions to blend in with your natural hair.
    6. Failing to care or/and wash your hair. Unwashed scalps and hair will emit bad odors. Keep the lousy hair odors at bay by following the steps in this article to care and maintain your tape in hair extensions.

    Finally, The Bottom Line …

    I bet that you have dreamt of having a gorgeous full head of hair since you were young. It is everyone’s dream. Tape in hair extensions brings in the extra tone and sheen to your hair making you look enchanting, full and spry. Love is in the hair with the tape in hair extensions people. Eat, sleep, get the tape in hair extensions and repeat.


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