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14 Tips To Maintain Beautiful Long Hair

Long hair is not compulsory for a woman. The thing is, some of us looks better in short hair or long hair. Before our modern era, men and women are equally keeping long hair. For a woman, long hair is a symbol of grace and softness. Many girls love to buy hair extensions to get the long hair look.There is a habit of a girl who loves to brush her hair, styling her hair, and basically, she pays more attention to her hair than her own body.

Nobody wants a dull and limp long hair. When long hair is your thing, you must at least know the tips and tricks to keep your lovely locks stay beautiful. If you have a long hair and proud, we are glad to share the essential tips to maintain beautiful long hair.

1. Start From Your Shampoo

Do you know there are the shampoos that suitable for long hair management? Different shampoo brings specific benefit for your hair. The shampoo that suitable for your long hair is the one that can add volume and avoid your hair from being dry. Why? Long hair tends to get limp and dry easily. Dry and limp hair is not so pleasant to see. Use a shampoo that adds moisture and volume. Read the label too. If you see it contains coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil or avocado oil, that is good for your hair.

2. Conditioner Is A Must

Why we need a conditioner? In the 50’s shampoo is nothing but a liquid form soap for hair. The conditioner is invented to add smoothness and detangled the hair. Long hair is hard to manage especially when it feels coarse and dry. To avoid that condition, conditioner is your main helper. Use a conditioner each time after shampoo. This is your way to keep your hair soft, easy to manage, and moisturized.

3. Add More Nourishment

If you always on the go, you have no much time to manage your hair. Leave in moisturizer or hair serum is your best friend for traveling. Use the hair serum before going to work and keep it in your bag to make it handy when needed. Working or spending a lot of time under the sun causing your hair becomes dry faster. So keep the hair serum or leave in moisturizer/conditioner in handy for immediate reapplication.

4. Practice Good Brushing

Long hair is easy to get frizzy and tangled. After washing, avoid brushing your hair from top to bottom, instead, do it from bottom to top. It will avoid hair damage and breakage effectively. If you force to brush your hair downwards especially when it still wet the chance for the hair to break is high. So please remember this easy tips, brush your hair from the bottom before going to the top. You can remove the knots slowly and easily without leading any hair breakage.

5. You Pillow Is The Culprit

Our sleeping time is important but if you have a long hair, please use the right pillowcase. To avoid waking up in a complete hair dilemma, use a satin pillowcase at night. Satin or silk pillowcases are the best options because it is slippery enough to avoid hair friction that always leads to hair fall. Besides, rough pillow such as cotton will leave the same friction mark on your face. Please change your pillow case today if you’re still using the 100% cotton pillow case.

6. Avoid Windy Day

It is so windy outside and that is not a good weather for anyone with long hair. Your hair will be tangled easily by the continuous stroke from nature. If you have no choice and you need to go out, braiding your hair is a good idea. It will avoid the wind from menacing your long hair. If you are taking a train or traveling by car, do not sit by the open window. That will cause you the tangled hair as well.

7. Dry Your Hair Naturally

Hair dryer is the tool that can dry your hair faster. If you want to use a hair dryer, please select a dryer that provides cool drying. Using heat to dry your hair after wash is not only discomfort to you but also leads to hair damage if you overuse it. Using a fan is better than a hot temperature of hair dryer. The wind helps to evaporate water from your wet hair faster and safer. This is a healthy choice of hair drying. The trick is, use a dry cotton towel to remove excess water from your hair before you go drying your hair in front of the fan.

8. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Long hair tends to get split ends. This is the result from dry and malnutrition too. To give your long hair a beautiful healthy look, do trim it every once a month. Only 1 inch for every session is good enough to maintain the fresh look of your long hair. Use a hair serum and spread it at the tip of your hair to add nourishment and moisture. Your hair will grow back faster so don’t worry to do this routine in a monthly manner.

9. No Frequent Coloring

If you love to color your hair frequently, the chemicals will cause your hair to become weak, coarse, and easy to break. Even the professional hairstylists aren’t recommended you to color your hair every month. Choose a natural hair colorant such as henna instead. But if it is not available, do not color your hair too frequent.

10. Avoid Oily Scalp

Oily scalp is unhealthy especially if it is too much. The oil trapped dirt and leads to dandruff. Scalp infection also can happen anytime because the hygiene level of your scalp and hair isn’t satisfying. By washing your hair with a proper shampoo and conditioner daily will avoid this problem. This is one of the major problems for the long hair owner but it is still easy to avoid. Wash your hair daily so your scalp and hair will be cleaner and healthier. You also will reduce hair fall by practicing this routine.

11. Natural Remedy Is The Best

For a chemical freak like me, natural remedy is what I need for my healthy long hair. Most of the chemicals can be absorbed by the hair when all I want to do it to give my hair more nourishment. To keep your hair moisturized, stronger, shinier, and thicker, virgin coconut oil and olive oil are the best natural remedies. Apply an appropriate amount of virgin coconut oil or olive oil onto your hair before sleep and you can wash it in the morning. You can see how healthy and shiny your hair becomes. Plus, doing it daily is no harm because there are no harmful chemicals at all.

12. Avoid Flat Irons and Electronic Curler

Using a flat iron for hair is damaging enough because you put your hair on high heat. Same thing happens when you try to curl your hair. Electronic rollers will change your hair texture immensely by force. If you want to have a straight hair again on the next day, you are damaging your hair twice by using the heat force from flat irons. To curl your hair naturally, you can use the hair curler and leave it overnight. Use a hairspray to maintain the curl look and then you will get your straight hair again after washing it with shampoo. That is the most recommended way to style your hair.

13. Use The Right Product and Accessories

Long straight hair is nice but by adding a hairpin or styling it with ribbons will add more identity to your hair in certain occasion. Make sure you choose the right product and accessories for your long hair to avoid any hair damage and breakage. Hairspray is great to hold a style of the hair. Soft bands are the right tool to tie up your hair and avoid hair breakage. Using the wrong hair products will cause you hair-fall and damages. While rubber bands are the no-no for tying up your hair because it is too harsh and leads to hair breakage.

14. Avoid To Sleep With A Ponytail

It’s a big no-no for the one with a long hair. It is not only giving you the most discomfort sleep ever but also you will lose more hair in the morning. How to sleep with long hair? If you want to avoid tangled hair every morning, you need to sleep with dry hair, use silk/satin pillow, put your long hair on the pillow or you can set your hair in loose braids.

If you want to smarten somebody’s long hair up, don’t forget the essential tips that you just read.
Long hair is no doubt the best look for every women and man loves to see it. As a woman with long hair, we are looking for a healthy hair, not the damaged and miss-managed. By making a little effort, our hair will be healthy and beautiful in a big way. Just like you are having a salon treatment every day.

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