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10 Clip In Hair Extensions Brands & Price Compare

Written by Jodi Manders

Which clip in hair extensions brand do you prefer?There are a lot of choices when you buy clip in hair online.Some brands have good quality and decent price,but also there are some you want to save your money from them.Here we give a brief summary 10 clip in brands on the market and their prices.

You may already have your favorite brand,but it’s good to know if there are more choices right?There are many factors when you buy a clip in human hair extensions,because each company has their own color chart,so it’s better to contact the seller first for any questions you may have.

Below is the table which shows the 10 famous hair extensions online store,most of them have videos reviews on youtube.

Brands NameLengthWeightPriceFree Shipping 
SallyBeauty18inch80gram$142.99Yes Check Price
BellamiHair20inch160gram$159.99No Check Price
LuxyHair20inch160gram$159.00Yes Check Price
Glamseamless20inch180gram$279.99Yes Check Price
Irresistibleme20inch80gram$79.99Yes Check Price
MyfantasyHair20inch190gram$189.99Yes Check Price
Perfectlocks18inch140gram$219.00Yes Check Price
Yes Check Price
Proextensions20inch100gram$99.99Yes Check Price
ZalaHair20inch120gram$109.99Yes Check Price

1.SallyBeauty,world’s largest distributor and retailer of professional beauty products

I believe everyone knows SallyBeauty,with very strict quality control system,you can believe their products.Their youtube channel has some basic application videos about how to apply clip in hair extensions.Sally Beauty Supply has been around for years, and has made its mark as a reputable retailer for various hair and beauty supply’s – but what about its extensions? Internationally known for its vast make-up, nail, skincare and hair product inventory, Sally Beauty has expanded its products to include hair extensions by several brands, and we’re taking a peek to bring you the inside scoop. Euronext and Hairtensity are the most popular brands that Sally’s carries, both on either ends of the quality spectrum. Reviews are generally more positive for Euronext, with it being the more popular of the two and Remy premium hair, while Hairtensity is a human and synthetic blend.

If you’re looking for a bargain and good quality, Euronext is a reliable choice with its wide wefts, installed clip’s and wide color selection. The extensions take color well, so if you aren’t able to find your color there’s no issue creating it! Length spans from 14 to 18 inches, so this may not be the brand for you if you’re hunting for the inches, but for those with finer hair these are perfect. These clip ins last several months if you’re using them regularly, which for their price, makes them a total steal. Sally’s gets our thumbs up, and we look forward to seeing them carry more luxury hair!


When it comes to hair extensions, we’ve got a heavy hitter on our hands. Bellami Hair is a brand known all over the globe, and for good reason. Coining the term “Beautiful Me”, Bellami specializes in Remy human hair extensions in varying lengths and weights. Providing its customers with an array of choices of mane, customers can choose from clip-ins, sew-in bundles, or even permanent hair extensions. With thickness ranging from 120 grams to 340 grams, lengths flow up to 24 inches. Do not think they spare on color choices, colors range from the darkest of Black to a sunny beach blonde. For the ladies that are looking for a complete look, Bellami also offers synthetic or human hair wigs for purchase. All equipped with a lace front, their wigs range in color, length and body as well.

A nice surprise with Bellami is their inventory of hair tools, to care for the extensions you purchase. They offer a range of products such as curling irons, curler sets, flat irons, and a plethora of hair accessories. When investing in quality hair extensions, it’s important to maintain and care for them, Bellami speaks to its customers’ needs directly by offering hair hangers, carriers and even replacement tape! Shedding is minimal but the extensions can knot easily so handle with care! They take well to color should you want to spice them up, and they are double drawn for full body and thickness!

3.Luxy Hair

Luxy Hair is a hair extension company that primarily sells Remy clip-in hair extensions. The brand prides themselves on a great product, ease of use, and practicality of extensions. What first sticks out about Luxy is how user friendly they are, the brand walks you through the extension choosing process, highlighting their variety of lengths, thickness, and color. It seems like they’ve covered all the concerns a newbie to the extension world may have. Their hair volume ranges from 120-220 grams, and averages on 20 inches, which is pretty decent for the price range. One thing we love about Luxy is how transparent they are with how their products are made, and how socially conscious they are with regards to their employees, the environmental impact and their pricing.

Reviews are generally positive for Luxy, with customers praising the high quality and longevity. Shedding and blending doesn’t seem like too much of an issue for customers, but some reviews indicate difficulty finding the right color for them. The extensions take color pretty well so if you’re handy, give it a go! One thing about Luxy is that they have a pretty strict return policy, so read it thoroughly in the event that you have to make any changes.

4.Glam Seamless

Glam Seamless is a brand that focuses on a new and innovative type of hair extensions – tape-in! Glam Seamless offers Remy and virgin Remy hair, with hypoallergenic tape adhesive that is applied right to the roots of your hair. This semi-permanent application provides a more seamless install, and phenomenal blending without having to worry about clips or sewing. Hair ranges from 14-24 inches, and the brand provides over 300 hair color options. Talk about choices!

The brand holds a reputation for having reliable and secure tape, making it less likely that your extensions will slip out of place which is very important considering the method of application. We hear that the hair is great quality, and can last up to 1 year with several installs. It’s recommended you reinstall the hair every 3 months and wash regularly to maintain your locks. One of the high points we’ve found with this brand is the amount of hair that you receive in each package. Unlike many brands who offer 50 grams of hair per pack, Glam Seamless offers 100! These extensions are a bit pricier than other brands, but based on quality, amount and extension type, we say they’re well worth the money!

5.Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me is a hair extension company that sells a variety of Remy human hair extension in the form of clip-ins, ponytails, tape-ins and full lace wigs. Their hair weight ranges from 60g to 260g, so whether you have thin or thick hair, blending won’t be an issue. With 12 colors and extensions that can hold a color, you have a range of options to match your locks. One thing we love about this company is their versatility in both color and length, the feel of all of their products are luxury!

Their extensions are notorious for being smooth, no pesky knots or shedding; ranking them pretty high in our book. Take a look at their clip-ins though, we’ve heard that the attached clips aren’t the best quality so you may be better off reinforcing them or teasing your hair prior to install for a solid good grip. We’ve heard great things about their 360 lace front wigs, which come equipped with baby hairs, bleached knots, and wig clips inside the cap. What’s more? Irresistible Me also sells high end hair styling tools which is very convenient, you can get all of your mane related needs met in one spot!


Myfantasy Hair is a clip in extension brand offering Remy human hair for its customers in a variety of types. The brand is best known for their double drawn wefts, which give them a longer life and a fuller body. The vendor sells hair ranging from 12 inches to 26 inches, with over 15 different shades to choose from and weights of up to 380 grams. Their clip-ins come in various packages ranging from 9-10 pieces; shoppers can make their choice based on the amount of fullness you need for a full head, but you have plenty of options here.

What’s more, each purchase gets you a free hanger and storage bag! Most companies make you buy these, so this is an absolute steal and great way to maintain your hair. Customers average approximately 3-5 months out of their hair, depending on how often you wear the extensions and how well they are cared for. One thing we love about Myfantasy Hair is the service they offer that allows you to customize every piece in your clip-in set. Their custom sets give you the option to create a layered look or switch up your style by ordering varying lengths of clip-ins!

7.Perfect Locks

Perfect Locks is a virgin hair extension company that might just have everything you’ve ever dreamed of with regards to hair. Their inventory is home to clip-ins, wigs, bundles, closures, fusions, beaded wefts, and much more. With such an expansive product list, there seems to be something here for every type of extension wearer, novice or not! Specializing in virgin indian hair, you can get your hands on straight, wavy, curly or even kinky textures, in lengths spanning up to 30 inches! Due to the majority of their hair being virgin indian, colors are limited, but it also means you have full freedom with bleaching and coloring.

Reviews boast about the great quality of the hair, with very little shedding and other issues reported. The consistent reviews spanning over the various textures give us a vote of confidence with the brand.  Perfect Locks definitely isn’t shy with their goods, with each bundle of hair weighing in at about 4 ounces, and they offer great bundle deals if you’re looking for the entire package. Though it’s a bit pricier than some of the smaller hair vendors, the quality is right up there with it. Stepping outside of just hair sales, they offer hair care courses and tutorials for their customers! For a price you can learn how to professionally slay your extensions, the gift that keeps on giving.

8.Cashmere Hair

Cashmere Hair has had a recent rise to fame after appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank, they specialize in luxury clip-in hair extensions. Their Remy hair products range from 16-20 inches, and come in the small pieces, as well as wrap ponytails. The clip in bundles come in 7 rows, giving you a full head of body and fullness. While these are a bit on the higher end price-wise, we think the quality here is key. You’ll be paying for what you get with Cashmere. These clip-ins can be super long lasting if you show them some TLC. Reviews are consistent about softness, body and overall health of the hair.

One of our favorite things about Cashmere is the color swatches they have available, it makes the extension buying process so much easier! Swatches come in batches based on shade – blondes, brunettes, reds, and ombre’s; you can compare and choose from there. It’s clear this vendor is a smaller business, but doesn’t spare quality for notoriety. Clients talk about how responsive customer service is, so any issues will be met with great assistance which is always a bonus when buying online. Be sure to take a peek at their hair accessories such as brushes, sprays, deep conditioners and travel kits to help keep your purchases in mint condition.

9.Pro Extensions

Pro extensions are a clip-in hair extension vendor whose products range from standard human hair to Remy. Pro extensions caters to the budget conscious shopper, who wants a fair price and decent product. With extensions ranging from 16-24 inches, and 16 different color choices, you’re likely to find what you need here. The brand prides itself on its speedy shipping, assuring that you receive your product in time for your special occasion. A new form of clip-ins that Pro Extensions offers are the pro-lace extensions. These pieces have lace sewn onto the weft to add fullness and body, without having to add additional hair pieces. This is sure to save time, money and energy in an effortless way.

Decreasing in popularity more recently, Pro extensions seems to have lost its young audience, most of whom were new to extensions. Newer companies with higher quality products make competition stiff for Pro Extensions, though they still maintain some unique aspects. We thought it was funky that the brand offers small packages of highlights for the eclectic extension wearing, in colors of red, blue, green, and various other girls; such an easy and fun way to spice things up! Bangs, braided tiaras and hair volumizers are among the accessories you can grab from Pro Extensions.

10.Zala Hair

Internationally renown, Zala hair is a versatile company that sells 100% Remy human hair clip-in and tape in extensions. Their inventory first stood out to us because of its vast range, clip-ins start as short as 12 inches and stretch out to 30. Weights vary from 130 to 300 grams, giving so many options for body, volume and blending. Many of the wefts are triple and quad sewn, giving durability for long lasting extensions. The clips used on the extensions are known to be reliable, so teasing or reinforcements may not be necessary.

You guys know we love good customer service, so it’s great to know that if you need some assistance with color matching, Zala has a special color matching service in place to make shopping easier. Having experts on standby, you can get professional assistance just a few hours after sending in photos of your current hair color. Their prices are more than reasonable for the quality and amount, with the 9 piece clip-in being one of the more popular selections among customers. Like select other companies, you can also get branded accessories to maintain your purchases. Zala sells replacement tape for tape-in pieces, hair brushes, and even tape solvent to dissolve the tape once you’re ready for removal! We love a good one-stop-shop, so they get a thumbs up from us!

What’s your experience with these brands?Share your thoughts below 🙂


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